Technical Information

Competition format

On the VI edition of International Trophy Ciutat de Barcelona it is a two day individual Orienteering event.

The VII edition of the International Trophy “Ciutat de Barcelona” will be a two day individual Orienteering event. The first race will take place on the Barcelona old Town Saturday 3rd. A typical urban Sprint including a park area and other urban areas. The second race will take place around the Olympic Ring and Montjuïc Castle, where you will enjoy stunning views over Barcelona, with some forest ground and also an sprint-like area around the Olympic Stadium

The final standings for all categories on the overall two day trophy will be obtained by adding up the points obtained in both races, according to the Standard method (1000+ 200*(average time - runner time)/standard deviation), implemented in MTPoints for MT2003 Sportsoftware. It is important to notice that final standings for the two races may differ of those obtained using other methods as the Scotish method (1000*winner time/runner time) or simply adding race times as sprint and long race are quite different in both length and techical characteristics.


The race will follow IOF rules. Timekeeping for all classes, including AD and KD, will be done using SportIdent system. The sportident card will be provided by the organisation at no cost (but a deposit will be required).

Given the type of race, no courses will be cancelled under any claim including:

  • Missing control (marker and/or Sportident base)
  • Wrong control code
  • Wrong location of control

Given any reclamation due to one of these reasons, the technical jury may decide to cancel the legs, and only the legs, defined by the challenged control. Runners should consider this rule under any inconvenience during the race and try to finish it.


A total cash amount of 3800€ will be allocated for the first three places on ME and WE:

1rst Place 1000€ 1000€
2nd Place 600€ 600€
3rd Place 300€ 300€

Prizes for first 3 places on all other categories

Saturday Course

The Saturday is a sprint race, which is run on the old town. It is a very fast race, a classic sprint in an environment where narrow streets will demand high concentration on map reading. Please respect the many tourists who are in the area. The area will be open to traffic.

The map scale is 1:5000 and equidistance of 5 meters, it is drawn according to ISSOM 2007. The elite class runners will begin starts at 10.00 pm These runners will be enclosed on the finsh area from 9.30 am, and after this time can no longer leave the quarantine zone. After the last start of the elite runners, at 10.40, all other classes will begin starts

Map collection. After the race participants are required to leave their map classified by federation (with the exception of Catalonia, which are collected by clubs) until the start of las runner. Race planners fo the sprint and Marc Ràfols and Pol Ràfols.:

Attention: it is very important to note that the traffic open, and therefore every runner must be careful whenever crossing streets. There are some passages marked on the map. At this point (zebra crossings), the staff of the race will cut the traffic allow the runners crossing, so it is recommended but not required to go through these points. However, it is mandatory to follow areas marked with dotted line.

Sunday Course

CircuitClassDistanceControlsWinner Time
C1 ME 2,3Km 21 12min Public control
C2 WE-M35A 2,1Km 19 14min Public control
C3 W35A-M40 2,1Km 17 16min Public control
C4 W40-M45 1,8Km 16 17min Public control
C5 W45-M50 1,7Km 14 20min
C6 W50-W55-M55 1,4Km 12 20
C7 M20-M21A 2,0Km 18 13min Public control
C8 W20-W21A-M18 1,9Km 17 14min Public control
C9 W18-M16 1,7Km 16 16min Public control
C10 W16-M14 1,4Km 13 17min Public control
C11 W21B-W35B 1,7Km 11 20min
C12 M21B-M35B 1,7Km 13 18min
C13 W12-W14-M12 1,1Km 11 15min
C14 Beginners 1,9Km 13
C15 Kids beginners 1,3Km 12

The second race of the Ciutat de Barcelona will be in the form of a long race, around the Castle of Montjuic and the Olympic Ring. The start will be at the competition centre: Olympic Stadium, (use south entrance), where there will also be the finish line and the award ceremony.

The race is run at Montjuïc, and is characterized by the abundance of parks, small white forests and the castle, which overlooks the city harbor and all the surroundings. Despite the climb implied by the terrain, the race pace will be high. On this second day of elite runners will leave once they have left the other classes. There will be a control that can be seen by the public for all classes except adults and kids begginers.

Map scale 1:7500 and 5 m equidistance made by Rui Antunes in June 2009. Special emphasis on the large number of elements, which makes advisable, even at this scale, the use of a magnifying glass.

Race planner: Nicolas Corgnet (view old map - relay race of  TICBCN'08)

Note: Traffic will be open. Although traffic will be limited on these areas, it is very important to watch every time they cross the streets. There is a mandatory passage after the public control that will be supervised by staff of the competition, stopping the traffic every time a runner needs to cross.

Works: Both Saturday and Sunday races are developed in urban terrain, and works that might not exist at the time of printing the map may appear at race time. In the same way, the parks service can change the green zones of the long race if they work in any not expected area.

Provisioning: apart from public fountains that are all along the route, there will be a point of supplies in the race.

CourseClassDistance KmClimbControlsWinner time
C1ME8,44102560 min
C2WE-M357,83752160 min
C3W35-M406,82801960 min
C4W40-M456,32351860 min
C5W45-M50-W18-M165,42101460 min
C6W50-W55-M555,11851145 min
C7M20-M21A83152260 min
C8W20-W21A-M186,32551760 min
C9W16-M14-W21B4,61951130 - 40 min
C10W12-W14-M122,550830 - 35 min
C11M21B5,92451660 min
C12Beginners5,32351360 min
C13Kids Beginners2,235730 min

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