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You can follow the race online on our website.

You'll also find links for Routegadget and Winsplits

Some pictures on Picassa on this page

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On Sunday race, all runners will have access to the Olympic Stadium installations, which include showers.
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You can check your start time on this page
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The City Council discovered some contention between the TICBCN'12 event and another one on Sunday 4th race. So We were required to move the competition centre to the Olympic Stadium. This required some changes on the race courses but it will allow all the competitors to not only visit the Stadium but to run on it!

The competition centre on friday remains on the Piscines Picornell area, not far from the Stadium. There is a google maps on this link

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You can check your registration on this page
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A Suunto watch can be yours.

We have one Suunto watch for a lucky participant on TICBCN12.

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Registration will be open until October 19th. There was a typo on the English version that could create some confusion.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

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Do you want it? Sportident SI11 Card with led punch confirmation.

Register to TICBCN and be the lucky man or woman to win a SI11 Card

We are ready for new SI cards 10 & 11. If you have one of them, you can use the at TICBCN because all our control stations a ready for these models.

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